Krystina Nellis

Twitter Thread by Krystina Nellis (@krystinanellis) on 31stJanuary 2019

Just heard about something in which an autistic character appears to be being portrayed by an actual puppet and please excuse me I am going to crawl into a hole and hide until 2020 now (1/6)

To clarify: the way to solve the issue of inauthentic portrayals of autism by neurotypical actors is not to remove humans from the equation entirely, that… is not how this works (2/6)

In summary, once again, me at London theatre’s apparent total inability to deal with autism as something actual human beings have (3/6)

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This gets worse. I’m not naming the work (for now, although it’s easy to find out), but it’s really clear nobody with first-person experience of autism is involved. I’m actually gobsmacked. Did we not learn from Translations?! …yeah, gonna be angry about this one this arvo. (4/6)

(I would like to point out that @LucyElizaFosterand @BenWeatherill are exceptions and walking gods amongst theatre people in the respect of dealing with autism as a thing) (5/6)

Btw: I would dearly like to be wrong on this one. I hope I am. But the impression I get is that I’m not. A puppet, guys?! Come on. The wider world thinks we’re a spectacle as it is, don’t literally make us into one. (6/6)