Here is a collection of reviews by autistic and/or disabled people who saw the play.

Connor Ward – “Boycott All in a Row”

Helen Ellis – “That damn puppet…was offensive”

Graham Gilligan – “I liked this play, I didn’t see it as dehumanising and I was ultimately glad they used a zombie like puppet.”

Liam O’Dell – “Clumsy, unfunny and offensive drama with autism as the punchline”

Shaun May – “This play is hurtful to the autistic community”

And here is a collection of reviews by professional theatre critics.

Fergus Morgan, The Stage – “The whole thing is tarnished by the puppet…Grey and unsightly, it doesn’t work on a practical level, even before you enter the ethics of its inclusion.”

Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out – “The melodrama sometimes obscures the humanity…and the puppet is just a distraction” 

Saskia Baron, The Arts Desk – “All in a Row doesn’t like autistic people and it doesn’t help them or their families one iota.”

Jane Kemp, What’s On Stage – “The grey-faced puppet adds nothing to the production that a living actor – adult or child – could not have provided.”

Alice Saville, Exeunt – “By excluding the people you’re talking about from the room, you create a space where ableist views can be aired unchallenged.”

Sophie Adnitt, – “There are interesting ideas buried at the core of this play, but they are smothered by layer upon layer of ill-advised decisions (the puppet one of many)”

Harriet Corke, The Spy in the Stalls – “From an inclusivity perspective, the use of a puppet instead of an actor is the wrong choice. From an artistic perspective, it is also the wrong choice”