Sonja Zelic Thread

Twitter Thread by Sonja Zelic (@stuckinmute) on 9thFebruary

On #autisticrepresentation @allinarowplay @FunkSmuggler #puppetgate @autism I am one of ‘those’ autistic people who has been distressed by the portrayal of a non-verbal autistic child as a puppet, amongst a cast of human actors. (1/6)

As many #autistic people here will also feel, it’s not comfortable revealing your so called ‘deficits’ for possible voyeuristic consumption and further misunderstanding and misrepresentation… (2/6)

I could not speak at school or outside of home until I was in my 20s (due to selective mutism …) and I grew up used to people reacting in ways that clearly told me — if you cannot speak you have nothing to say, and you don’t think or feel. (3/6)

As a child and young person I saw myself as a monster that no one wanted to be with because I couldn’t speak. This severely affected my mental health. (4/6)

Making visual and text based art work, was and still is, an important part of how I communicate, because speech, communication in general can be a contradictory and ambivalent space. (5/6)

As an autistic person what I fear most is being misunderstood and misrepresented. Misrepresentation, as many autistic people here have already said — HAS REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES. (6/6)